Our expertise in pos displays

Design office: concept development


SITCO is convinced that the success of in-store commercial actions also depends on an emotional approach to POS advertising in order to create positive interactions with the end customer. The objective is to create a unique experience between consumers and the brand at the point of sale.

SITCO's designers are therefore committed to enhancing the brand in the most effective way by immersing themselves in its world. They advise on functional aspects (shelf life, logistical approach, distribution network, size, type of product, etc.) and creative aspects (cut-out shape, finish, choice of materials, staging, architecture, etc.).

The POS display is integrated into the point of sale to ensure the visibility of products and to present them in an original and attractive way.

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Designers and volume technicians work in tandem in order to propose innovative solutions that can be implemented in production while meeting the technical and budgetary expectations of customers.

Workshops: from design to production

SITCO has high-performance equipment at its disposal, at the cutting edge of the latest technologies, and masters each stage of the project. With test phases, the creations are carried out in accordance with the specifications.

Development & prototyping

Designing and fine-tuning impactful POS displays before presentation and launch into final production: shape, silhouette, assembly, storage, stability to guarantee the production of a satisfactory product.

& Conformity

Ensuring that a display unit will withstand transport by testing its strength in the laboratory with specific equipment that reproduces real transport conditions.

Pre-press & Printing

Processing and correction of files to guarantee perfect reproduction of visuals with precise follow-up of files for screen, offset or digital printing according to quality and/or competitiveness constraints. Mastery of this stage is crucial.


Equipped with the latest technology, a dedicated team creates the cutting tools and shapes from the CAD drawings to guarantee optimal and consistent quality.


This is an essential phase of assembling and finishing POS displays. Flat, in kit form or assembled according to the customer's specifications.

Logistics & Copacking

This is a co-packing service with assembly and filling of displays. Storage service for POS displays, also offered on the logistics site, with organisation of dispatch until installation in the shop.

Overall control of the manufacturing process

The products: attractive display units

SITCO offers functional and attractive displays in response to the operational problems of brands. All cardboard or multi-material (metal, wood, plastic, lighting, multimedia elements, etc.) SITCO provides tailor-made and specific solutions for each project.


The storage unit solutions are sales support solutions. 
Co-packed for turnkey systems or in kit form to optimise logistical costs, the storage units are easy and quick to assemble and allow products to be displayed iso that they have the most impact.


Counter displays should encourage impulse buying at the point of sale.
With a very neat finish, these displays ensure a “premium” presentation for cosmetics, health and publishing products, etc. Designed to take up a minimum of space, these products create a quality atmosphere.


Event-based POS displays make the most of 360°of space.
These displays allow you to work on your brand image by creating an event at the point of sale via a multitude of customised solutions: arches, stands, carousels, theatrical displays, etc., for a unique experience at the point of sale.